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Cavitech was established by Mr. Aldo De Sanctis in Boudry in 2002. After a career of more than 35 years in cable technology, he decided to exploit his experience and knowledge by forming an independent company. Initially alone, he succeeded in establishing partnerships with several suppliers, allowing him soon to produce items with an optimal quality/price-ratio. Thanks to the confidence accorded by its customers, Cavitech was able to increase its staff as well as extend its plant.

Mr. De Sanctis shared his knowledge with a motivated team, thus enabling them to cope with many different enquiries and guarantee an impeccable execution of all orders.

Cavitech is not only known for its state of art technology but also for its family character, very much appreciated by both customers and suppliers.
The compact size of Cavitech with its resulting administrative flexibility allows fast decisions to be made thus guaranteeing extreme adaptability, an essential quality in the continually developing market.

Having reached the age of retirement, Mr. De Sanctis transmitted Cavitech to his daughter Jessica De Sanctis, who intends to pursue the activities of the enterprise respecting the politics and ethics naturally instituted by its founder.